Polly Greenberg
Polly Greenberg
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Polly Greenberg’s special interest has long been the art, detailed mechanics, and interdisciplinary science of achieving—through parenting, the care and education of zero-twelve-year-olds, and related public policy—social change toward a truer democracy, one in which more people might experience more comfortable and fulfilling lives. She has taught school, raised five children, and worked in the famous Mississippi CDGM from 1965 to 1967, as well as in Washington, DC, at three federal agencies, three learning corporations, and NAEYC headquarters. Read more.

Books / Articles

Polly is a child/parent/teaching development specialist who writes for parents and teachers about child-related social issues, especially poverty. Read more about Polly's books and articles.
  NAEYC Editor

For 15 years, Polly served as the editor of NAEYC's professional journal, Young Children, where she helped develop over 35 books. Read more.

The Devil Has Slippery Shoes book cover Character Development book cover Oh Lord, I Wish I Was a Buzzard book cover

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